Some meetings are more memorable.

Meet Myna. Searchable smart scripts, video and audio recordings of your most important calls.

Meeting recording software that works with everything you want it to.

Microsoft Teams
Cisco Webex
Google Hangouts

A perfect memory is a powerful thing.

Imagine owning a perfect recording of your most important calls and virtual meetings. Picture Myna.

Myna meeting recording software instantly turns virtual meetings into actually useful records of exactly what was said and done. With Myna you’re always the host. You choose what to record. You control all your data. You hold all the power.

All the vital informaton from a call or meeting is organised and searchable. Script, video and audio are delivered to your email, linked to your calendar and be backed-up in the cloud.

This is more than note taking. This is post note taking. Put down the pen and start Myna. Intelligent and searchable, permanent records of your virtual meetings.

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It’s always your meeting. Own it.

With Myna you’re always the host. You own your own record. You hold all the cards regardless of who holds the call.


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  • Auto topics give a summary of what was said
  • Add custom topics
  • Grab the content of all shared documents
  • Search by any word or phrase
  • Jump to any point in the conversation
  • Editable so you can update mis-transcriptions
  • Alternative word search boosts retrieval
  • SmartTranscript delivered to your inbox
  • Optional archive to Dropbox (Google drive coming soon)


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Tailored for your business

  • All of Myna Pro, plus
  • On premise or private cloud
  • Delivered to your secure archive
  • Connects to your compliance workflow
  • Sentiment analysis
  • 25 languages and dialects
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