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Most popular FAQ’s & Guides

How do I get product support or setup help?

Go straight to our helpdesk site, hosted by Zendesk, that you can find here

How much does it cost? What do I get?

Depending on where you live, it is $8/€7/£5 per month (paid annually) or $9/€8/£6 on a rolling monthly plan. For that you get 80 video/audio hours per month of meetings processed. Who spends that long on Zoom? Need more? Contact Us

Is there a free tier?

There isn’t but we do offer a 30 day free trial

How accurate is it?

That depends a lot on the quality of what is recorded, accents, how quickly people speak etc. We do benchmark against cloud providers to make sure we get good results, and we also do something a bit special with “Alternative Search” to help boost accurate search.

What is “Alternative Search”?

Speech recognition engines can get confused by what they hear, so they print what they think is right: We include the alternatives the system thinks “might” have been said, and include in your email and in the SmartTranscript so if you search for that word, you have more chance of finding it, even if it’s not in the displayed text.

What recording platforms do you support?

We support a number of cloud platforms, and if you can get a recording into Dropbox, it can be anything. We even have our own recorder so you can always be the host. More info on supported platforms here

What is clever about what you do?

We put your meeting directly into your inbox. You can search for what was said using your email search, even what was presented is indexed! Our JumpTo topics highlight was is important and send you straight to the most important content

Why do I need a cloud storage account like Dropbox?

When we send you the SmartTranscript which has all of your meeting details, we need somewhere to stream the audio/video from. If you have recorded your meeting using a cloud provider like Zoom, we copy all of your recordings to one central place.

How do I get in touch?

For general product questions, use the contact form. For support, go to our support site, and if you still can’t find what you need, there is a support request form here

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