Hello memorable.

Get searchable meeting memory to make virtual meetings actually useful. With Myna, if you’re in the meeting you’re the host.

Works with everything you want it to.

Microsoft Teams
Cisco Webex
Google Hangouts

How Myna works.

Stop making notes. Start meeting with Myna - video replays, transcripts and audio of your virtual meetings. With Myna you’re always the host, so you’re always in control. Get exactly what you need out of your calls.


Activate Myna.

Just login at app.meetmyna.com, and link your services like Dropbox. If you’re a Windows 10 user, launch the app to always be the host.


Join a meeting.

Hit record.

Even if you’re not the host, take control of your recording of the meeting.


End the call.

When you leave the call, we'll do the processing and send you an email visualising the highlights.

Click the links to jump to your favourite parts.


Login to Myna.

Get perfect meeting memory. Relive the important moments. Remember, knowledge is power.

Change the record.

Intelligent and searchable, permanent records of your meetings. Put down the pen.


What was said on your calls lands in your inbox after a call ends. Plus SmartSnap records the slides and other content being presented.


Crystal clear recordings of your calls hit your cloud storage.


Picture perfect footage of video calls gets backed up too.

Searchable, obviously.

Zoom to the important parts of your calls and meetings.

Dig deeper


See who said what. Dig to the important moments at speed. Hold everyone accountable for their words and actions.


Myna automatically recognises what’s being talked about. Connect the conversation dots quickly. Skip the small talk and get to work. Add your own custom topics to make it even more useful.

Hot Button

Highlight and return to key points and content. Lay down a marker in real-time for those really important moments that you want to come back to later.

Connected, clearly & cleverly.

From email to anywhere.


Once your meeting has finished, a transcript of your meeting hits your inbox. Instantly it becomes searchable. Revisit anything important or clarify anything you missed first time round.


Everything gets linked to the meeting invitation in your Outlook Calendar.


For ease of storage and sharing, everything can be securely saved to the cloud via Dropbox.

Virtual meetings made actually useful.

Virtual meetings can be riotous affairs. Overlapping voices, conflicting opinions, vague memories, fuzzy accountability.

Myna gives you the power of perfect memory. Forget about simply thinking you remember. Get crystal clear about everything that was said and done.

Backed up by Myna, you can connect and reconnect with the moment exactly as it was.

Zoom zoom

What kind of cloud meetings can we capture? Pretty much everything!

  • Zoom cloud recordings
  • Zoom cloud transcripts (if available)
  • Teams cloud recordings (via Outlook plugin)
  • Teams cloud transcripts (if available, via Outlook plugin))
  • Google Meet (via Zapier)
  • Dropbox (any audio or video recordings)
  • Google Drive coming soon

Dig deep on desktop

Meet the Myna recording app

Connect to calendar

Share the moment

Hello & welcome

Never mind your language, Myna works in Spanish, French, Portugese and English.

Let us give you peace of mind

We’re good for more than just virtual meetings. Myna gives you the confidence that comes from a perfect memory of what happened in your most important calls.

Never forget, knowledge is power.

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Call for back-up

If you need evidence or maybe you just want to prove a point, refer back to what was actually said, done and promised.

Own the moment. Grab the screen.

Always the host

Record anything

Helping hand

Meet memorable today.

Stop racking your brains and riffing through notebooks.

Get searchable meeting memory.